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This is the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with. Once I had first scheduled the initial appointment, I had told the rep.

that it was purely cosmetic repairs and even gave her the part number that I needed. They said they would have to send out a tech and charge me an $80.00 diagnosis fee anyway. Once the technician got there and checked the appliance, all of 5 minutes, he confirmed that was the part I need and he did not carry it on the truck, so it would have to be ordered. I gave him my CC number to pay for this rediculous fee and he said my card I was missing a number and starting getting hateful and very uncooperative.

I work in customer service and this was the worst I had ever witnessed. Once finished with the tech, I used the exact same card to order the part I need off of your website, with no problems. Yet the tech immediately and insistantly repeated that I had done something wrong.

I called back to schedule the repairs, which was met by another rude rep, once I had relayed my concerns of the technician. Needless to say, I will never buy another GE product and will warn everyone I meet and post as many entries online, so that no one else will have to go through this same situation.

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Here is an update on this situation. Repairs were done.

It took all of 15 minutes to complete this job and still got charged $142.00 for labor. Now what company in their right mind charges their customers $568.00 an hour for labor? GE, that's who. This is the most rediculous, idiotic company I have ever dealt with.

Please, consumers be warned!!!!! DO NOT EVER BUY A GE PRODUCT!!!!!


I have been having ongoing complaints with scheduling an appt., I just called the service center and after a ten minute hold the service rep hung up on me! I can't believe they let their reps treat customers that way.


Honey I feel your pain I contacted ge about one of their highly priced coffe pots and was talked to in such a rude way by the supervisor that it was all I could do to control myself to keep from cussing him out I was never buy another ge appliance or anything else that has to do with ge and I am warnong everyone about them!!!!!

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