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Update by user Nov 23, 2013

After posting the complaints, GE decided to send me a new brine tank, I.e. The cheap plastic tank that holds the salt.

The plumbers all thought that was worthless to me and cost GE almost nothing.

Only remaining choice is to throw it out, write off the $750, and buy a new one. Not from GE.

Original review posted by user Oct 24, 2013

Bought a new Water Softner, a GE model GXSF40H...

Installed it, and, it "works". I.e., it does soften the water, and regenerates correctly, and the resin tank doesn't leak... but, THE WATER IS UN-USEABLE....

The water tastes terrible and smells when heated. The various plumbers that have come to help all say they are stumped. The GE suggested plumber thinks it must be a flaw in the curing of the tank..

After more than a year of trying everything...sanitizing, emptying, cleaning, sanitizing again, etc, etc... and several (expensive) service calls...

GE says "it must be the water" (we are on city water in a condo, no others have a problem)

GE says "they can't think of anything else..."

GE says..."Tough Luck.... Buy a new one."

in fact, they suggested we throw out the new one that cost us $750 to buy and have unsuccessfully serviced several times (now one year old but not much used)

They even suggested we buy a new "GE" one.

Right. No Help whatsoever.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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Hello, I am so sorry to hear about your experience with your GE water softener. If you'd like us to review your situation, please send your details and contact information to Thanks, Donna with GE

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