We purchased a GE wall oven to replace a GE wall oven that came with our house 23 years ago. That made me think that the replacement product might last.

I had an installation specialist remove the old oven, modify the cabinetry and install the new GE unit. All went well until the installer found that the nuts to fix the shelf supports to the inner shell of the oven were no where to be found. We searched the packing and the box to no avail.

As an engineer who has installed equipment all over the world I looked for the list showing the contents of the crate. There isn't one.

After hours on the phone and being sent the wrong nuts, I still do not have the eight nuts to secure the shelf supports, but I do have a story that is good enough for not just a comedy sketch, nor a comedy program, but a whole series.

I now know when I'm overseas why people laugh at me when I suggest using an American product. Sloppy factory practices, screw threads that are unique to the US, customer service agents who are just idiots. "You mean a screw sir", "No I mean a nut". One GE customer service agent transferred me to Home Depot as she believed that they would be able to supply the nuts. The HD customer service guy had no idea why I would be transferred to them.

Just imagine calling from outside the US on some high cost toll call and spending 45 minutes getting no where.

Some people complain about the Chinglish in user manuals from China. The GE oven manual presumably written and printed in the US cannot even spell mount correctly.

I now know why so many of the appliances, TVs, etc in my home are not American. Neither are the cars in my garage.

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