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1. We found that our fancy side freezer refrigerator was recalled. This happened after 6 years old refrigerator started having problems: frost and melting ice from the freezer and eventually stopped freezing at all.

2. GE told us that they can give us credit towards the new one just for us to find out that the new one with a credit will be more expensive than to buy similar non GE one from Home depot.

3. We thought we were lucky that we had maintenance contract - $170 value. The technician told us that this refrigerator was recalled and must be changed for the new one anyway. We got a new similar refrigerator and get a frost in the freezer in about two months later.

4. To get a new refrigerator with a problem we had to take at least 3 days off from work and spend numerous hours on the phone with customer service.

They canceled our warranty we bought for the old one and we received only one year total on the new one. All our demands to extend the warranty to the new refrigerator for the time left on the old contract we payed for were denied.

5. Now we had to schedule another call from GE to fix the new refrigerator. Per Our previous experience with the old refrigerator we knew they never call, and if they do they never come at the time they can be expected.

6. Call support gives you 4 hours window during the week or 8 hours on the weekend and promise to give you a call before the technician comes.

We scheduled service call at least 2 times, but never had a chance to receive a service. Two times the technician did not call us 1 hour in advance as we were promised by the customer service. One time they schedule a call without letting us know.

All and all if you have a life beside your refrigerator think twice before you BUY it from GE, or if you do be prepared to a long battle

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $170.

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we have GE monogram side by side fridge, supposed GE's top of line. It also started have defrost problem after about 6 years.

Called in a GE repair man and he said it is because we did not clean out the filter, which is built behind the condensor & very complicated to remove it out.

GE's design really sucks. We paid $7000 for the fridge that you have to clean its condensor filter every few months which is unheard of.

Don't buy GE

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