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I bought 3 GE products & spent big bucks!! 1.

The Microwave stopped cooking food after 2 yrs- so we pd to have it fixed through GE only for it it to break the same way 2 yrs later. So the $300 Microwave + the $200 repair/parts cost got us for 4 yrs a $500 Microwave!!!! I bought an LG ($300 on sale) to replace it!! So add that costs in!Then the GE side by side fridge Mod#GSL25JFTA BS/ser# GL234990 - the door handle was loose after a few months- But GE would not send a guy out to fix it for free- not under warranty I was told!!

Then after 1 yr ( after the warranty expired) the water stopped working- it sometimes comes on- but we have looked at the lines & changed the filter, and it still has a mind of its own. The ice works fine. It also makes a whining sound since we got it- I called about it- and they said that was the noise it makes????? Yea Right?

So they are lemons! I will never buy GE again- they do not stand behind their products- with or with out the warranty!

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I can relate. We bought a new house in 2005 that came with new GE appliances.

During the first year, the microwave and refrigerator broke down. The were both under warranty so it didn't cost us anything to fix it, but we lost alot of food. It took a week to get a repair person out to the house. However, the following year the fefrigerator broke down again, spoiling our food again.

This time the repairs were on us. $200.00. The same year the dishwasher broke, damaging our wood floor. My husband repaired the dishwasher, because GE wouldn't agree to fix the dishwasher or the floor.

The floor is still messed up. The third year our stove top cracked and the microwave went out again. This year our freezer went out again and the element in the oven cracked off.

I'm over GE products..but as I'm researching...looks like the other manufactures aren't making great products either. I want to buy new appliances, but sure what brand to buy next.


We bought a brand new Spacesaver microwave in 2006 and it died last week.

Now our GE refrigerator bought in 2007 has the same water dispenser issue and noises as yours. The water dispenser stopped working but the ice still works.

My husband read online you need to defrost the freezer that the water dispenser is most likely frozen inside the door. Sure enough, after two hours of defrosting the water worked. It has lasted since November, then 3 days ago same problem. We once again defrosted everything.

It started working again, this time only a day. NEVER AGAIN will I buy a GE product.

The most frustrating thing about the microwave is that it is the only one that fits in the built-in space. So now what?

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