Atascadero, California

This side by side GE refrigerator has been repaired at costly prices 4 times! and still is un~useable!

I'm tired of trying to fix it! I think GE should step up to the plate and Refund or Fix! How can they feel good about themselves by ripping off consumers like this! I had a GE refrigerator years ago!

Was the BEST one I have ever had! That is why I bought a GE again! I'm sorry to have trusted this company! Thank you ~ And you make Airplane Engines!

Scary.....And Train Engines... this is unacceptable of GE !

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

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I am very angry with the defective refrigerator that I bought from Home Depot 2 years ago . The service man said that I have to fix it myself and buy the parts.

If I could do that then I could build my own and not wasteing hard earned money for ***. Its so easy to blame others when you are not doing the right thing.

Gormania, West Virginia, United States #446117

I have also had my refrig repaired over & over. The water filter system stops working after a few weeks:over & over again.

The 800 customer service # told me years ago to pull out the refrig tray near the bottom and I will see all the water tubing. They said it freezes up and to pull out the trays, thaw out a while, empty ice tray, (basically... the old timey DEFROST!). This has been a nightmare because sometimes it works & sometimes it does not.

My food spoils sitting out. Today, the 800# told me that I could pay their technician to install a heater in the back. What! I asked him why GE doesn't pay for this "heater" in the back since they know it is a problem for years.

I waste $49 ea on new water filters & then it doesn't work again. I keep asking why these haven't been recalled & sometimes, they tell me that they don't know why not! I try to support GE because they employ a lot of Americans but I doubt I will ever buy GE again. My dishwasher has been a nightmare also.

But guess what? So has my Kenmore Elite Washer & Dryer. The repairman said that I have spent more on his repair than if I had bought new products again.

But I have not owned these products very long. Why are these products not being recalled?


:roll They also supply nuclear power plants,

do you live near one?

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