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This is what GE's rep told me in ref to the doors not shutting on my french door refrig

The service guy came in (Extended warranty) and told us it's a bad design he can't do a thing, and GE learns from their mistakes, they don't fix their mistakes, they just learn from them!!

The rep told me they can prorate a new refig with the new doors and sell it to me for over a thousand bucks. So, the GE refig as far as I'm concerned is good for about 5 years.

Stay away from them!! Here's GE's response I'm very sorry you were not pleased with the service call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Roma, Texas, United States #218081

I don't know what planet you come from ed b but people these days still want quality and reliability for their hard earned money. We have all paid the premium cost for these peices of *** and expected a good product from a long time company, not Chinese junk that breaks long before it's time.


thank you ed b!!!!!! I want to cut and paste your comment to every single one of these cry babies.

Cost cutting pencil pushers are the cause to all our problems. It's cheaper to ship a light appliance, so let's replace all the metal with plastic and circuit boards. Of course it's not gonna last as long.

This is the case with EVERY brand so stop bashing one company. These people crack me up.

stop your complaning its 2010 not 1979 stuff is made the way it is because people like you who probably want everything for nothing are forcing manufactures to go to other countries were it can be made to sell cheaper which also means cheaper parts more plastic less steel if u want better product build it yourself and stop complaning :(

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