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I bought a GE refrigerator that kept defrosting inside freezer and refrigerator. The technician came to replace the ice maker container.

That didn't work so then they replaced inside panel of the freezer door then after that he replaced the whole freezer door. As these pieces were being replaced the outside of my freezer was defrosting all along the sides and onto my floor and cabinet. The GE tech told me to run the central air in my house so that wouldn't happen. (you've go to be kidding ).

He then came back to replace the outer panel of the refrigerator because they didn'e insult them right. By the time he was done there wasn't anymore parts to change and I still had the problem. So after changes many parts and taking many days off work for the guy to come, I called and said I want a new refrigerator . The women in the office said that it would be pro-rated and I would have to pay over $500.00.

I was still under warranty (my frig was only a couple months old by the time the guy was done.) I said no way and they sent another guy out to check it out. The guy said it was damaged and I got another refrigerator that was a lesser model. I can not believe it had the same problems so when the original guy came back he said again that I need to run my central air and went to start ordering the same parts to replace as the first refrigerator. After another big ordeal that I won't get into,I still have a refrigerator that leaks all down the sides that I hate.

I would NEVER buy a GE product again.(I don't care if it's a $10.00 clock) and I tell everyone not to deal with them. I HATE GE. P.S. I found out that GE knows about this problem and it's cheaper for them to run you around than to replace the appliances that they made cheap.

Even if you buy a $20,000.

subzero they'll ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, United States #17417

We have been w/out a working GE Monogram refrigerator for 10 days, even though we have a service contract. GE promised to overnite the parts...then sent them reg. ground service. I had two promises of next day installation of the parts, then get a call that they need two techs & only one was available.

Anyone interested in a class action suit against GE for their *** appliances and the worst service in the industry?

I asked the warranty dept for a print out of all my service calls on this piece of *** refrigerator...they not only claim that they "cant" print out the record, they lump the service calls together. If I needed four service calls to fix one problem, it all gets logged under the original complaint. We need to hold GE accountable for their lousy products.

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