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purchased a GE Profile dishwasher, model #PDWT480R10SS, promoted as high end, the price certainly was, and effective with pot and pan cleaning capacity. This thing won't clean dinner knives much less anything like a dirty pot or pan.

I am frustrated; disappointed and angry with it because of the expense involved and the lie that was perpetrated by the manufacturer. As we all know the cost of living has never been more mercurial and changeable and being able to rely on the truth being the truth has never been more important.

The supermarket takes back defective food easily; their understanding of customer service is good in my experience. GE, I want my money back and an apology for such a sub par and disappointing piece of junk!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Dishwasher.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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I have the same machine a year newer still in use. It requires regular cleaning of 2 tank filters, and checking all 3 wash arms for food debris/seed blockage to continue to clean as designed.

Numerous videos online illustrate how to perform this and prevent problems in the first place. I will say I have replaced a few parts myself, and am not impressed by the quality/design of this model.


I have to admit that my recent purchase of the same GE Profile model dishwasher, thus far, has proved to be a big disappointment. The unit does not do as good a job of cleaning dishes as my prior 10yr old diswasher.

Another issue that I'm having is that the dishwasher is not drying very well either. I've used the Steam, and Extra Heat options. I have had to hand dry many of the clean dishes and re-wash those that are unclean. I had it serviced today, after 2 weeks of use and was told that I need to buy and use jet dry.

While I'm sure that would help, I paid a pretty penny for this unit and expect that it should do a good job of drying the dishes without an outside agent.

I'm going to give it another week or 2 of trial before heading back to the Sears store for a discussion. Of course, I will pray before having that discussion - smile.

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