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We purchased the whole suite of stainless GE appliances for our kitchen remod in 1/16. It didn't take long for the water and ice buttons on the refrigerator door to become an issue. At just over a year they became troublesome and soon wouldn't work at all. In my previous career I was involved with Nuclear instruments and controls so I felt comfortable disassembling the module to do some troubleshooting. What I found was very cheap, poorly designed plastic. During removal--with the proper tools--pieces of plastic were falling out everywhere, even the threaded screw holes fell apart.

After some judicious application of super glue and delicate reassembly we had a few more months of operability. The unit finally gave up completely and was beyond a patching repair. After arguing with GE's customer 'support' and getting no resolution I tried to order the part. I can't recall the price but it was outrageous so I turned to Amazon where I found the housing for $86. I ordered and installed it 11/17 and now it has gotten to the same point. Since the water button is broken on the inside and doesn't line up, you can select ice but can't go back to water.

It is very disappointing to spend the kind of money we did on the whole set of appliances only to receive cheap products with no ownership from the manufacturer. I have learned an expensive lesson and will do my due diligence next time on investigating the little stuff that makes an item quality or *** GE is ***

Note: during my process of contacting GE I did have an email correspondence with an engineer of some kind. I detailed the dilemma complete with pictures and explained what was happening. He seemed surprised despite the fact I'd easily found hundreds of similar complaints online. In the end he was of no help.

Note: I also replaced our large over the stove GE microwave during this time. The door sensor became inoperable so that any time the door was closed the unit continued cooking (but not rotating) even if the timer had called for it to stop. With my background I disassembled and tested several parts, finally narrowing it down to a faulty switch. I replaced the switch (using a local parts house) and reinstalled the unit. It worked for about a month until the control panel started blinking and glitching during use--a death nel for most products due to cost. After much comparing I found that almost every brand is *** and went back with the same GE unit so that they'd all match (and for easy remounting using the existing hanger).

As the saying goes, 'they don't build them like they used to.' Best I can tell all brands have a good share of problems, bad reviews and unhappy customers. The days of wood-burning and cast iron seem more appealing than ever!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2086.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Ge Appliances Pros: Appearance.

Ge Appliances Cons: Cheap design of parts that make the whole unit inoperable, Thin exterior surfaces of fridge--dents very easily, Ineffective customer support--aware of problem but no solution.

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We purchased a GE monogram series French Cafe refrigerator. At one year and a few days the computer board went out.

They did replace this without charge. On two separate occasions the ice maker was filling with water and it didn’t cut off. Luckily we were here both times. My concern is it will happen again and we won’t be here and our house will flood.

Has anyone else had this problem. I can’t imagine we are the only ones who have experienced this...

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