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We purchased GE profile appliances 4 years ago (10/2006) and will never, ever purchase another GE appliance. The dish racks have rusted out after 4 years, the refrigerator control board failed, the display on the convection oven / microwave is not working properly.

Now when I have a question on ordering the replacement parts, they want $24.00 to speak with a technician to see if there is a better alternate part. Their service and lack of access is the worst I have ever seen in any company. When we worked with their service organization, there was no coordination between technicians and it took multiple trips to resolve a dishwasher service problem when it was installed.

GE sets the standard for poor quality and customer service. Do not buy GE appliances....I wouldn't even take them if someone offered them free.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Microwave.

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We bought 4 GE profile stainless steel appliances last month from Home Depot. Reading some of the blogs about poor GE quality.

I am started to have a little concern.

We took delivery of the dishwasher PDWT380VSS last week. Getting ready to install the DW, I noticed the door was misaligned. The top right inner edge of the door rubs against the drum on closing. The left inner door shows a gap for comparison.

The door latch appears to be center but forces against the edge of the door latch hole when I close the mis-aligned door. I'm concern the door gasket on the left side may leak due to poor door alignment.

Roma, Texas, United States #222848

An addendum to my previous comment. Vikki did come thru with a option that was fair under the circumstances.

They were willing to pay for 50% of the cost of the replacement touchpad and also a $50 gift check towards GE parts or appliances.

Give her a try, she may be able to ease the pain a bit. Thanks Vikki.

Roma, Texas, United States #220337

Boy, did you hit the nail on the head when you said GE sets the standard for poor quality and customer service. This Vikki from GE CS is a real hoot.

She asks for all this information making you think she is really going to do something and guess what. She goes by the script she has in front of her, give them a deal on parts or a certificate towards another piece of chinese ***.

GE will not under any circomstances make good on a bad product. Ever.


I agree. We have had nothing but problems with our GE appliances -- a 4 new when we moved into the new house.

GE support is terrible and to resolve an on-going billing problem is taking forever. I will not purchase another GE Appliance


Hi, this is Vikki with GE. I apologize for the issues you have experienced with your GE appliances. Please email the details (model,serial, date of purchase, your name, address, and phone number, along with any service details) to and we'll be happy to look into this for you.

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