Over the phone I was scheduling a repair and asked to find out what the TOTAL price of repairs would be. I was told the total of parts AND labor is only about 110 dollars.

I asked again to make sure that I would not be getting charged more than 100. Once I was satisfied of the price the representative gave me I scheduled a repair for Tuesday. Now before I tell you what happened with the overcharge, let me mention that the day before Tuesday, the repairman called me and said "Hey I'm going to come in around 7am alright?" or something similar to that. The schedule is made for 8am-5pm and obviously the 7 am time is way too early.

I said no please come at a later time and we hung up. 15 minutes later the GE company calls and says "The repairman had an emergency and we are scheduling for another time". Obviously bullcrap because he JUST called me trying to schedule for tommorow. Next Tuesday comes around and this mother****er still comes between 7-8AM without giving us a call this time.

I was woken up by my mother at 8 am(because theres really no point for me to be there) and find out that this piece of *** company charged approximately 100 dollars for the service call, 100 dollars for labor, and another 100 for parts. Totaling to almost 350-400 dollars. After a few complaints and bulls*** discounts it came down to 290. However, if you refuse to pay the total, there is a 100 dollar required fee for labor.

So basically this company entraps you into paying either 100 dollars for pulling your appliance in and out of the wall or 300 dollars for installing parts that would have probably costed only 100 or less. Do not second guess yourself when I tell you do not EVER use GE repair services.

In fact, stay away from GE altogether. Dishonest companies like this deserve no sympathy or any business.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Norfolk, Virginia, United States #690527
Dude you still live at home with your mom and she still comes in your room to wake you up ,how old are you , like 5 yrs old? the repair man wants to come at 7 am and thats to early for you?

get your mommy to come in and wake you at 6:30 then, these repair men have other customers to take care of too , dude , let me call you boy, do you still sleep in your spider man pajamas. :cry
to dave Oceanside, New York, United States #690531

Sir I am 18 years old. And yes I am the man who made the post. Think about what you say before you sound like a total buffoon.

to Henter O Fallon, Missouri, United States #690722

Dave is right - you are an ***! 0700 AM is too early for you to get an appliance fixed?

And you want for the tech to come out to your place and charge you for ONLY the parts? How is his time getting to your place, not to mention his truck, gas, tires, insurance etc.

supposed to get paid?

Just have your mommy tuck you back into your spider-man bed and keep on dreaming about all those wonderful stories your mommy reads to you at night time.

to Anonymous Oceanside, New York, United States #691193
Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know I had to pay for a drivers truck, tires, and insurance. His time getting to my place?

He makes multiple calls a day. He doesn't drive to ONE location and say I'm done for the day and drive 3 hours back to where he came from. I am a consumer not a *** charity. I pay for the repairmans service and parts.

Taking 5 minutes to pull my stove does not cost 200 dollars. Furthermore, the discussed TOTAL price over the phone is 100 dollars. There is a reason you ask before hand, because if its too much then you don't call for the service in the first place. And judging by the ignorance of your comment you are probably the same person commenting twice because the only one who needs a mother to correct some crybaby attitude seems to be you and dave(implying that those 2 comments are not made by the same person).

:cry :cry :cry

The intelligence of some adults today truly upsets me. Where the only arguments they can make are based off simple-minded insults relating to the time I choose to wake up?

I didn't know my summer vacation had a clock to punch-in my wakeup time! :grin
Marshfield, Wisconsin, United States #690140

Thank you. You helped me decide what appliance I want....NOT GE...EVER


8" Surface element is $26.98. Switch control is $20.95.

Stay away from all GE appliances. They are the worst and most appliance techs hate to even work on them. Do not call the "big" appliance repair companies that take out full page ads in the yellow pages. That's a big indicator that you're going to pay top dollar for parts and labor.

Large overhead including advertising, large number of employees, etc. inflates repair prices.

The only time you call the company is if the appliance is still under warranty.

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #690119

Plus they don't pay taxes.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #690114

Thank you for this I saw it on Facebook so words getting out

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