Purchased a double wide trailer with G.E. appliances.

Eight months later, dryer quit heating. Trailer Co. called A&E to repair. A&E sent an incompetent technician who ordered a $72 thermostat that would take 10-14 days to get to me by mail, then I was to call & reschedule repair (another wk or two).

By then, my warranty would've expired & I would be without dryer about another month. Again my co. called A&E & part was delivered next day! They called A&E again & another technician was dispatched next day.

He tested thermostat & it was working. He found a BURNED WIRE!! Thermostat was not needed & old one was not checked by first repairman before ordering another one.

The repair could have been made first trip if technician knew or cared about what he was doing. This cost extra money for unnecessary parts, labor & trips, and left me without my dryer for another week.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Repair.

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