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August 31st I order a GE 29 cf, french door frig. Nason in Crown Point Indiana delivered 3 different times, 3 different one with scratch & dents.

#1 dent in door and insulation handing out 1/2 across the bottom. #2 three huge dents about 3" on side (visible beyond cabinet) I spoke with the owner Erik after the second delivery #3 would be here on Thursday. Wednesday at dusk #3 came, unannouced and worse than 1 & 2. Then I was told by Nasons salesman, Ryan that they would not order another delivery, I had to choose from the best of the three or cancel.

I asked if I was ordering junk, they said that is the way they get them from GE, right out of the box!. Guess it is junk!

Monetary Loss: $2599.

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Thank you for replying, the owner agreed with the salesman. I am taking my business else where..... I contacted GE since Nasons is blaming them...GE has not done anything either!.


Sounds like your complaint is with Nasons. If they are delivering subtracted products it doesn't matter who is at fault they should resolve the issue.

My guess is they are lying to you. I would take my money somewhere else after telling somone hire than an hourly sales guy as to why you are going somewhere else.

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