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We purchased a gas stove (CGS986SELSS) 9/8/18 at a local appliance store it was delivered on 9/15, the oven never worked properly from day one. It would turn on, heat up to 170 degrees then turn off. We called the local appliance store first, they referred us to GE.

We called I believe on Monday or Tuesday 9/17 or 9/18. A repair man came on 9/21. Parts had to be ordered. Apparently the blower & sensor were faulty. They were on back order. Would not be available until October. We asked for a full replacement appliance because we felt a new appliance should work. This was confirmed via a email I received on 9/24 stating “We can proceed with an exchange for the appliance. One thing I want to confirm is you are ok with getting the same model as it is still available.” I called to confirm that we were fine with the same model. At some point after receiving this email in either this call or subsequent phone calls (I have at least 10 documented calls to GE on my phone, not sure how many my BF made) we were told that the stove we purchased wouldn’t be available, it was on back order. Substitutes were offered, refunds were discussed. Serial numbers were given to us by GE representatives, but at no point in the conversation did we say we would agree to an electric appliance. I did ask for similar models & associate provided me with 3 serial #. They are as follows: PGS930SELSS C2S986SELSS & CHS985SELSS. I immediately told her we wanted a gas stove like the original & pointed out the fact that one of the models she suggested was electric. This was occurring during the week of 9/24.

The new stove arrived 10/9. It was delivered by a 3rd party delivery service FSA Network logistics in an Enterprise rental box truck. When they disconnected the gas line they damaged the metal gas pipe coming out of the floor. They tried to say that the pipe was damaged prior to them getting there. This is nonsense, if that were the case we would have had major issues in the month prior & we did not. The licensed contractor who installed would be putting his reputation as well as our lives at risk. They then tried to leave the house with the damaged gas line while the smell of gas was wafting thru the house. Finally at the insistence of my significant other through a phone call they agreed to turn off the gas at the main to alleviate a dangerous situation. Now per the manual provided by GE with the stove it specifically states & I quote “WARNING If the information in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result, causing property damage, personal injury or death. Installation & service must be performed by a qualified installer, service agency or the gas supplier.” The individuals GE hired created a very dangerous life threatening situation in our home. We had to hire the licensed contractor who first installed the gas line to do a house call that night, well after hours, to correct the situation. He informed us the true danger that could have been caused by this situation. He had not only to fix the broken pipe behind the stove but then reset the furnace and hot water heater.

On 10/8 we called GE again explained we received a stove which had a electric oven, no pressure regulator valve, & the issues we encountered with the installer. She first informed us “sir GE doesn’t even sell that type of stove that you are describing” so to prove to her we were required to email two pictures to her. On 10/9 first my significant other called from work spoke with a CS rep who said she couldn’t help him without the serial #. This call went nowhere. He then asked me to call so I did. Explained the situation once again in full detail she informed me we had to contact “their (GE’s) insurance company to be reimbursed for the gas line damage caused by the installer that GE sent. “I can give you the #” she said. She did not seem to grasp the gravity of the situation or the ramifications of what could have occurred by GE’s choice of delivery & installers. She also said we could be fully reimbursed for the stove. I said I would let Jim know & he would be calling back. On the evening of 10/9 (our 3rd call of the day), went through the automated system with our “incident number”. We asked for a mgr or supervisor due to escalating frustration with the situation. Again we were told that there were no supervisors or managers available. She proceeded to say that it was our fault we accepted this model, we should have known it wasn’t the same, they won’t reimbursed our money, we have to go back to the local dealer who sold it to us. After a comment I made stating that I would stay on the phone with her until we were put through to someone who can make a decision, we where put on hold. I can only conclude that because it was close to 6pm she didn’t want to be stuck on a phone call. We were put through to a supervisor. The supervisor informed us that a new stove the original stove we purchased would be shipped tomorrow 10/10. Honestly we were just exhausted at this point but after the call very much skeptical. Too many contradictions, too many broken promises, far too much frustration, too many mistakes.

We reached the point of frustration & decided to remove our problem from GE’s customer relations area. On 10/10 after some research I wrote an email to Kevin Nolan, President & CEO at GE Appliances in KY. Within 39 minutes I received a callback from a man named Bill Bower who expressed interest in the situation. He informed us yet again that what we were told by a “supervisor” who we spoke to on 10/9, was not quite true. Yes they could get us the original stove but it was not going to be available to be shipped until possibly the 15th or 16th of October. He offered a monetary figure for reimbursement which we felt was low due to the fact that 1-We have not had a functioning stove since 10/15 2-delivery/installer created a potentially deadly situation in our home 3-we had to correct their mistake by having a licensed professional come to our house after hours.

Keep in mind we still to date (10/11) have no functioning stove. Not to mention the numerous phone calls to GE, the misinformation provided, the potentially lethal situation created at our home and the legality of providing a delivery & installer who is not qualified.

On 10/12 we received a call from FSA Logistics saying they have a stove to be delivered to us. We requested that the same delivery/installers not be sent back. They assured us they would not. Delivery is scheduled for Tuesday 10/16.

Our situation is not resolved. It is still ongoing. We are not the least bit satisfied with the entire process.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Cgs986Selss Range.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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