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I had my house installed in September of 2009, less than two years ago with a GE side by side refrigerator, glass top oven, microwave oven, convection oven, and dishwasher (all stainless). Well now the side by side refrigerator compressor is out, the convection oven is dead, and the microwave oven does not heat.

From this, can I assume I will need to replace my glass top oven and my dishwasher? GE tells me they can have a repair technician come out on my own dime. Really, I have to pay for this product? Had I of known this when I chose the appliances on my home, I would have tried going with LG or Kenmore.

What is up with GE?

All I can say is I will NEVER buy anything GE again. Horrible product, and bad service.

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Hi Woody,

I, too, have had so many problems with my "2nd" side by side GE refrigerator. In Oct. 2006, the first one died (whole cooling system went out 30 days after it was installed. They had to deliver a 2nd one in Nov., and this one has been a LEMON since day one. We have had over 10 service calls, ranging from the icemakers being replaced, the water line to the icemaker freezing up, the veggie compartment freezing up, etc. The glass top range control panel went out the first year and had to be replaced. The GE microwave has had a horrible buzzing sound for a long time and the last repairman says is only a matter of time until this goes out. The GE dishwasher is, also, on its last leg. The large spindle at the bottom is totally warped and makes a disturbing loud noise when going through the entire wash cycle. The builder chose to put the stove, dishwasher and microwave, so we had no choice. We will "never" purchase another GE appliance after all the repairs we have gone through.

BTW, Woody, did you ever email Vikki, above, and ever get an answer from your complaint? Just curious


Hi Woody, This is Vikki with GE. I regret to hear of the difficulties you are experiencing with your GE appliances. Please email the details to us at and we'll be happy to look into this for you.

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