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GE really does suck. We bought a GE washer and dryer in January 2015.

The washer broke down in October, after only 9 months. The warranty ran out yesterday. They came out yesterday and "fixed" the piece of *** for the THIRD time since October. They refuse to replace the piece of junk.

I've already purchased a Speed Queen washer and dryer to replace this GE garbage because I can't be without a washer for months on end. Customer service has been useless and the idiots in the GE "tech" department refuse to listen to the repairmen they send out to service their garbage. They send out a repair man and have him call them to discuss what the issue is. Then when the repairman tells them it's been repaired THREE times and needs to be replaced they REFUSE to take his advice and simply replace the same parts on it again.

The consumer is powerless to do anything about it. You can't win against a giant like GE. You can, however, tell EVERYONE you know to avoid GE products at all costs. I will NEVER buy another GE product.

They don't care about the consumer and just run you in circles until the warranty runs out. You are right, GE SUCKS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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I bought a GE dryer in 2015. It broke down 2 months ago.

I had it fixed for 176.00. It is now broken again and I'm buying another brand. Not fixing the same piece of junk. I've had it.

Tired of it ruining my week and costing me money. I don't expect a less than 4 year old dryer to break. Not even calling GE after all the reviews.

Live and learn. DON"T BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!!!


Your appliances ***


I agree. Replaced one with another piece of junk.

Makes so much noise and the ice maker shoots ice cubes all over the place. Will get them to take it back and get a refund from Lowes.

Junk. Total Junk.


Bought a $1200 washing machine November 30th 2017... Stopped working March 2019.

GE said it's out of warranty and actually expect us to pay. There's a prominent badge on the front of the washing machine that says 10 year warranty.

They can take me to collections... There is not a chance in *** I am paying them.


Same happened to me after 2 yrs. Junk, I Will Never Buy Again.


I have a GE washer just know a year old bought in December 1997 and it will not drain or spin, power light will not turn on, but you can can hear the motor running. So I have to unplug it.


yes GE is junk


GE has gone in the toilet, good thing they don't make toilets it would suck to have a toilet go in the toilet.


I agree. GE appliances are garbage. Especially their microwaves.


I agree with you 100%! I will never purchase another GE appliance.

Every appliance is junk! I've had problem after problem from day 1 with a washer and dryer. My time has been taken from me getting their junk repaired and I've spent far more money than necessary trying to resolve their problems. Their customer service sucks and they give you the run around, until your warranty expires.

And, Then....they have the audacity to charge exorbitant amounts of money to repair substandard.appliances!

Shame on GE for selling inferior and unacceptable appliances. I tell everyone that I know, NOT to purchase ANY GE appliances.


Ge is junk . They ripped me off on a CAFE fridge that lasted 2years 3 months.

They would not honor the warranty. On their Low quality overrated over price junk .


WARNING to anyone looking at buying a GE refrigerator. If you appliance ever needs serviced, GE is unable to acquire parts for their own products within a timely manner.

I have been stuck with a non-functioning refrigerator (That is only four years old) for almost a month and a half and counting.My experience with GE is that they will send technicians out and tell you they need to replace a parts, but that they are always back ordered by at least two weeks. They day before my lasts scheduled service call they called to say the part is still back ordered and there is no ETA. Once the new part arrived, I had to schedule a new service call.The technician came out to install the last part that back ordered for over two weeks and finds that it needs a different part and guess what?

It is also back ordered for two weeks. Two weeks have passed, and again I am told the new part is still back ordered and there is no ETA.


I had the same experience with a washer. It broke after 4 months.

It took GE 4 weeks to fix it and I spent multiple hours on the phone. You cant get anyone on the line at GE. They make *** products then set up horrible customer service where you can get anything fixed..

Dont get scammed by them too.

They no longer live up to their brand. They make junk and make it impossible to fix it

Chico, California, United States #1277255

All GE products are junks.I will never buy a single GE junk again

Sewell, New Jersey, United States #1241528

The timer on my three- year old ge gas dryers is bad and need to be replaced. The part alone will cost me close to $100 (about one fifth off the cost of the dryer itself).

This part should not go bad this quick. I wonder if anybody else has had this problem?


Brand new washer and dryer front load dryer leaves black marks all over my clothes has been replaced once and fixed three times and coming again because they won't take it back I figured it out it a design flaw no part gonna fix it they don't care *** workmanship and design


I totally agree. We bought an induction cooktop which was installed in November 2015.

It stopped working on Christmas Day so of course it took a week for a technician to come out and order the replacement parts and then another week to fix. So far so good but it broke down again just over 3 weeks ago. Still not fixed as they failed to send out the correct amount of parts in time for the cooktop to be mended last Wednesday. Various boxes have arrived this past week - 7 boxes in all so that it can be mended finally tomorrow.

However, the glass cooktop arrived in a hundred pieces - totally broken. Whoever the dispatcher was, he needs to be sacked for being so careless. A tiny amount of padding in a 5 inch deep box so it was bound to break. So back to square one with a new scheduled appointment out there in the future.

I rang 3 times yesterday and once this morning and none of my phone calls were returned. In the end had to explain to another person who informed me that they were following company policy of returning calls 24-48 hours later. Still, 2 of my calls were inside 24 hours. I wanted to know why I couldn't have a completely assembled new unit only to be told the warranty only covers repairs.

Actually, nothing is being repaired in reality. It is all being replaced with brand new parts but assembled in my kitchen or hopefully when they get their act together.

They are totally unsympathetic and have no charm at all. I will eventually have been without a cooktop for 6 weeks and cook for now on our Bbq and one induction ring we bought from Amazon.

to Anonymous Gosport, England, United Kingdom #1120574

Meant to say after the above that the induction cooktop is GE Cafe and no, I would not submit myself to the stress of dealing with such a faceless and complacent bunch. The 2nd girl I spoke to this morning was on the defensive to say the least.

If she had just a moment to at least admit I was having a hard time as there are no means of redress, i.e. trying to find out who makes the decisions or can make alternative to "company policy" decisions at a pay grade high enough to actually be more than helpful.

Even expediting a new glass cooking top to replace the one which had been smashed to bits in the Fedex van was not going to be possible apparently. They must be inundated dealing with repairs and I just wish we had bought another make or stuck with gas.

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