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What is this world coming to... I boutght a G.E side by side ref.

Model #GSH22SGPCSS Serial # ZF241749 about 7 years ago. 11 months after we bought our ref.the sensor relay went bad and the refer would not cool. the g.e. tech came out and fixed the ref 3 days latter, we did not have to pay for labor but the part was 34.99.

8 months later the refer went back down. after clling G.E. we were informed our 1 year warrenty expired and there would be a service charge, we said thanks anyway and called Davids appliances.They came out the next day and replaced a new thermostate sensor cost me 125.00 not bad i thougt now we invested 1050.00 on a 900 doller refer. o were not done.

Exactlly to date 6 month 6 days had to call davids back to fix this piece of 6546464646ihihok again, another 125.00 for the same part.Now im flamming.8 ( the teck told me G.E. are ther ebiggest money making problum machines. the parts they make are very poor quality.nice to know after the fact:( ) 8 months later, I Know u dont believe it, We have all the Receipts feel free to ask to see them. Down again so i thought maby it was the company repairing it.Maby they were the ?

ones so i went with a different company.

A friend told me about this comany he came out informed me the defroster is bad and has been bad for some time replaced in november of 2010 cost 249.00 yes here we are in may and called G.E told them I will Never buy another G.E. product again not even a light bulb have to wait till thursday for a repair man to fix it this time but i believe will get a new refer on Credit I cant do this no more AND TO BELIEVE THIS IS AN AMERICAN MADE COMPANY.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Repair.

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