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I'm about to arrange to take my third Monday afternoon in a row off from work so I can be here for GE’s service technician. He's repairing my microwave, which is less than 6 weeks old.

Here's what happened.

Week 1, I call the service center, describe the problem I'm having (power cuts off after a few seconds) and the rep says "it's probably an inverter board," and schedules a repair call.

Week 2, The technician arrives, diagnoses the problem and says it's an inverter board. He orders the part.

Week 3,.The part has arrived, the repair guy comes to install it, but it's the wrong part. He has to order the right part, I have to take a third day off from work to be available, and we have to go another week without a microwave.

Wouldn't the RIGHT thing for GE to have done is replace the microwave? Just ship us a new one, and have us ship the old one back? Or have the repair guy make the swap?

That would be showing GE cares about their customer's time, they’re concerned if they waste time because of their error, and keeping customers satisfied is its top priority. Instead, GE parrots back the warranty and disregards what this experience has meant to its customer and his perception of their company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Microwave.

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I bought a GE Profile rfrigerator, dishwasher, micro-wave oven and stove. The knobs on the stove melted.

The dishwashers, repaired four times so far, still leaks. The refrigerator squeaks when you open the door and it freezes the vegetables regardless of the settings used.

And there is NO REPAIRMAN in my area that is GE qualified, although I was "guaranteed" there was.

Flat out garbage from a garbage company with a garbage attitude. Bring on the Chinese products!!!


my ge space saver xl 1800 is beeping and reading F3 constantly and will not let me stop it from beeping . Every button is frozen.


I'm so sick of people thinking the world is owed to them because something small goes wrong and its an "inconvenience" to their lives. Ok, so you bought something that broke, tough luck, the world isn't fair.

At least GE is trying to fix it for you.

Their efforts are better than a kick in the butt aren't they? Life isn't fair, stop crying and deal with it.

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