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We purchased a side by side stainless fridge in Aug. 2008.

First problem was that the cubed ice dispenser was dispensing crushed ice instead, the freezer door is not flush with the fridge door, stick out just enough to notice. The freezer keeps frosting things over that it has accumulated frost build up and I'm talking that it does it overnight - have to defrost it every couple of days. Had the local repairman out 5 times, changes parts-didn't fix the problem. Call GE appliance repair center - guess what...I'm in a rural area and there is NO ONE in my area they can send out.

Guess they just want me to buy another one of their *** products ---- that ain't gonna happen ever. I've decided to become a one woman demonstrator against GE.

I'll be hitting every web site, making calls and anything else I can think of. Purchased it at Home Depot will be complaining there too.

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I have a GE refrigerator side by side model that is only 7 years old. It came brand new with my house.

I have replaced the mother board, the mister, the defrost heater now it is acting up again it will not keep things cold.

I just went out and bought a new refrigerator, and it is NOT GE!! Anyone want to buy an anchor?


I want to join with your demonstration group in protest against the shoddy products GE designs and sells for profit. GE has figures out that there is more profits to be made in repairs/parts/labor charges so they manufacture appliances to work for a year or two.

MY 2 year old GE Monogram refrigerator was designed with a defect that caused condensation to come out of the back of the refrigerator. This unknown condensation soaks into the wall and cabinets and BLACK MOLD grows. GE has sent us 2 refrigerators with the same problem. In 2009 we discovered the fridge had been leaking for 10 years.

GE paid for $40,000.00 in damage and sent me a replacement Monogram. In Sept 2011 we discovered more black mold growing on the drywall. GE refuses to pay for the decontamination of the mold spores that spread throughout our home. We have been living in a hotel until we figure out how to pay to have our home cleaned up.

TOXIC MOLD is hazardous to your health. I want to warn everyone I know/meet about what happened to me. Contact me for more of my story.

You will NOT believe what happened. GE couldn't care less.

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