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Update by user Jul 25, 2013

After posting here and submitting a direct email to GE (ConsIndsocialmedia@ge.com)...I received an email response on Sunday (~ 12 hours from post and email) from GE notifying me they were going to replace the knobs. I received the new knobs (~ $250 in value) via mail on Wednesday (3 days from posting).

I'll have to admit, even though I was not happy about the knobs...the customer service response was amazing and the "newly" design knobs are a significant step up in quality.

Original review posted by user Jul 21, 2013

We bought our GE Cafe gas range/oven in 2008 and were pleased for the most part except for knobs. Beware they break...complete design flaw.

The plastic tip where the knob connects to the stove cracks and basically the entire knob needs to be replaced. I'm kinda surprised GE didn't issue a recall for the knobs - since a broken one may cause the burner to be stuck in the on position. It's kinda surprising that they would use such low quality knobs after making stoves and ovens for so many years.

Net result, we tried to make some repairs, however now we will need to purchase $250 in new knobs...and it appears now the new knobs are different (I'm guessing improving on the design flaw) than the originals.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Range.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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San Francisco, California, United States #858885

We need to tell GE that the defective knobs posed great hazard of gas leak because we can't never be sure if the range is completely off. We potentially will have to spend additional $300 to replace the other knobs that are showing cracks.

This means that the knobs will cost 22% of the range price. We purchased in 2008, and we started to have defective knobs 2-3 years ago. Why would they redesigned the knobs?

Because they know there is a design flaw with the knobs. The proper thing for GE to do is a recall or replace them without any cost to the consumers.

San Francisco, California, United States #858871

We have the same problem. To replace three knobs and shipping will costs us $300!!

Did GE replaced your knobs for free? The knobs are poorly designed.

We are not happy.

Walnut Creek, California, United States #684738

Very helpful. Deciding on buying one of these vs. higher end and I think will spend the money on the higher end.

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