I ordered a GE fridge from Home Depot in a rush because my fridge was dying. It was scheduled to be delivered a day and a half later. I got the confirmation call the night before that it would be delivered between 10-2. I took the day off from work (I do not get paid when I do not work) to process food from my freezer in an effort to save it, and wait for the delivery. At 2:10 I called the delivery help line because the fridge had not arrived. I was told that it was in the record that I had been called and informed of a "delivery delay" at 9:30 that morning and it was scheduled to arrive the following Tuesday. When I told the service rep that was not true, she investigated. A GE employee had called me, the call had been disconnected and she had not tried to call me back, but wrote in the record that I had been reached. I lost a full day of work and lots of food a result. I was told to call and talk to a supervisor after the fridge was successfully delivered to discuss "further compensation."

Tuesday came, I had received the call the night before confirming my delivery between 9:30 1:30. I got a call that morning that there had been another "delivery delay." Now it was scheduled to come on Thursday. Another day rearranged, meetings cancelled, etc. On Thursday the fridge arrived, but it was in black instead of white. I refused the fridge and ordered another one.

My fourth delivery date was set for the following Tuesday, 2 weeks after the fridge was ordered. It arrived successfully. I called and talked to a GE supervisor, who told me that all my pain and suffering, loss of food, payment for ice for 2 weeks and loss of work time was worth $150 - they could not compensate me further. They do not compensate for loss of work time, even though their employee lied about calling me. I asked for $500 and the supervisor's response was that it was almost as much as asking for them to give me a fridge for free. I told her if I was a company concerned about the customer who keeps me in business, writing off a $1300.00 fridge would be worth it to keep me happy. She insisted that all she could do was send me $150, even though all these shipping delays and the falsification of records was their responsibility.

Home Depot, on the other hand, worked really hard to keep me happy, even though most of what I experienced was not their fault. They ended up giving me $350 in gift cards, rebates and compensation, understanding that keeping the people who shop at their store happy is crucial.

I will never buy a GE product again.

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