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I recently put a pot of water on my glass GE stove top and went into the other room. About 2 minutes later I heard this deafening boom.

I returned to the kitchen and the entire stovetop had exploded and sent shards of glass, some of them 8 to 10 inches long, across the kitchen. If I had been in the kitchen at the time, it would have seriously maimed me at the least or could have killed me outright. After 4 months of trying to get GE to replace and install another stove top, they have decided to charge me for a new stove top and installation because "It is out of warranty". I asked them if the original warranty covered explosions which they admitted it did not so I asked them if explosions were't covered in the warranty what did it matter if it was under warranty or not?

I asked them if they designed their stove tops to explode. They said they didn't so I told them if you don't design them to explode, then the stove tops which do explode must be defective. They then siad that they couldn't be sure that I hadn't done something to cause it to explode so I told them they couldn't prove that I had so it was a moot point. I hope that no one is ever hurt by their product in the future but, if they ever are, I hope they (or their survivors) wind up owning GE.

This is a multi-million dollar corporation and it would probably cost them less than $100 to do the right thing but instead they price a new stove top at over $500 plus close to

$200 dollars for installation. At this point, I think I'll just become someone else's customer and take them to small claims court.

It will cost them more to send someone to court than it would for them to just do the right thing and replace the stovetop and have their tech install it. My next stove top will definitely not be glass.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Customer Care.

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Hello Dr. Hill, this is Nikki with GE.

We would like to look into this for you.

Can you e-mail us your contact information and service history? The address is


Dr J L Hill
:( Let me know if you have ever had a stove top explode....

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