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I bought the dual fuel slide in range 2 years ago in Canada. While it's working ok, there are some very annoying things. You can turn the gas on without the burner lighting!! We had a Kitchen Aid slide-in gas stove before this, about 7 years old now, and it did not work like this. It's possible to kill yourself (with Gas poisoning) with this GE stove! It's tricky to light the burners, ie getting the burner switch in the correct position and can take 10 seconds before you get it right. With the Kitchen aid stove, it lit immediately.

The GE oven (electric) is also annoying. There is always a fan running, and thus a noise. This fan also seems to run for over half an hour after you've turned the over off. Very strange indeed. The kitchen Aid didn't do this either. When you turned the KA oven off, the convection fan went off too. I would not buy another one of these stoves. They are just a too annoying. Very dissappointing for GE to make this - and their Profile brand is supposed to be higher end...

ps - i'm writing this here as the GE Canada web site does not have anywhere for feedback. What kind of lousy service is that??!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Range.

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That is under the Bake option, not convection, as they are separate. I've used gas stoves for many years in europe and North America - this one is not up to par as it's noisy, and difficult to light.

uh...Sounds like you are not aware of the superiour products/features on the market these days.

#136947 can turn the gas on any gas burner stove without it lighting. As for the fan, if it *** you off, TURN OFF THE CONVECTION OPTION. Did you even know what you bought?

Way too sad to be funny.

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