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I purchased a large refer on line, from a Brooklyn retailer for just over $6200.00 GE PSB48YSKBSS, stainless built in refrigerator 8/31/17. The refer was delivered not working NO Ice or water could be produced or obtained through the door unit.

The GE technician has been here now three times to fix the unit over a month and a half. First to monitor the problem after I had specified the model, serial and issue-he brought no parts, second to fix the issue but brought a broken part that was not inspected until his arrival at my home, and third, to again replace the deemed issue of a bad solenoid valve which then became the larger issue noted below. The technician found that the valve may be wired incorrectly by the factory, he replugged the wires differently and moved the plastic water lines in and out of the compression fittings. He was able to get the new solenoid valve to pump water with improper wiring, however this fix was quickly deemed by the factory authorized repair man a “fire hazard, electrical shock hazard, and property damage hazard”.

This was because after he made this wiring/tubing change, the unit began to leak inside of the freezer door, filling with water until the water found its way out of the plc door control unit (electric) and onto the floor though cracks around the control unit. The tech stated that GE would most likely ask for him to replace the freezer door, but in his opinion he would recommend to replace the unit as now there are two issues still not completely resolved even with the new solenoid valve. The valve had to wired incorrectly from factory diagram to work and now the hazard to my family and property with water leaking inside the freezer door, into the electrical cabinet onto the floor. He warned me to unplug the unit so my children do not mistakenly electricute themselves.

I have spoken with GE repair twice, for the original deemed issue and now the new issue. They stated (Larry) again “if the door can be replaced, that is what would happen.” Even after the scenario and tech opinion was stated he maintained this response. I spoke to another person in their Consumer Relations department (Logan) who agreed “whole heartedly” that they should replace the unit, but would need to speak directly to the repair tech to confirm the story. Bottom line, the tech called me last night, 10/20/17 after someone from GE customer relations called him, they asked him one question, can you replace the door?

He answered that yes, the door can be replaced and they essentially told him then 'good day, replace the door.” The tech called me our of concern. GE would not discuss the other issues still outstanding, the solenoid is still not fixed or working properly, the high pressure plastic tubing to the solenoid is now slightly warped, scraped, bent due to removing and replacing several times into the compression fittings, this can leak in the future quite easily and all needs to be replaced per the tech. And finally, the consumer hazard of property and bodily damage is ignored, not to mention an additional 6-8 week lead time for a new door when the complete unit is in stock and ready to ship. This has been the most frustrating consumer purchase I have ever made.

I started with the company I purchased from who told me “we are just the distributor” not the GE who would replace/repair at their discretion, the repair factory stated we can only fix or replace the unit if GE deems it so, and GE will not consider replacement of a unit in any circumstance and would rather pull parts for months on end until the appliance is piecemealed together. It has been almost two months without a working refrigerator, GE would like me to wait an additional two months to replace the door which WILL NOT fix the issue completely which has so blatantly been pointed out by a factory trained technician. It is a horrible situation that I find I have no recourse to fix in an efficient manner. I am not asking for anything more than what was ordered, but GE has this situation, which hundreds of people must go through with the same feelings of no resolve.

Each person I spoke to stated the same factory trained ultimate question, “can it be fixed” and the answer to that question ultimately would be anything can be fixed, but to whose expense? Does it take a house fire or a Childs electrocution to get attention and resolve?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Psb48yskbss Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $6300.

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