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Four months ago I bought a new GE top control stainless steel dishwasher from B&B Appliance. I LOVE B&B and would recommend them to anyone.

They have been so helpful, very responsive, and have tried everything they can to try and help with this situation. Plus, their delivery guys/installers are AWESOME. GE however has been AWFUL. After buying our $800 dishwasher I was excited to have it delivered.

B&B Appliance installed it, it worked well, and I was happy with the purchase. Until that evening when I noticed that it had scratches on the top control portion of the dishwasher. I called B&B, inquiring about the scratches, not knowing if they had come that way from GE or if it had been installed improperly. B&B agreed to order/send a new front panel.

This time when the installer arrived at our house, I watched him take the panel directly out of the box. It was scratched. Scratched on the top, on the front, and it looked way worse than the scratched one that was already in my kitchen. So, a new one was ordered again.

The same installer again came to the house, took it out of the box, etc.... SCRATCHED. And these are on the models that actually get to my house. Apparently one or two were declined at B&B and they would not even deliver them because they were so badly damaged.

All in all this has taken over four months since I first purchased my GE dishwasher on 4/2/12. Every time, B&B has been awesome and the installer now knows our dishwasher well. He knows the countertop height, he knows how it needs to be installed, he knows how important it is to us and to him, that the dishwasher and the installation be done really well because we are all so frustrated. GE has agreed to send a new dishwasher from the factory.

My problem is that they will not allow us to use the same company, B&B, to install it. Since it is coming from the factory, we have to use their delivery service or if we insist on using B&B, they will charge us $175 for a delivery fee. I have already paid $155 to B&B to have it delivered. I am not going to pay again.

I want the same company that I know and trust to install this dishwasher, given the history that has taken place. This is a reasonable and understandable request. I have spent HOURS on the phone with customer service at GE. HOURS!

Half the time there are no notes in the computer, often the representative never calls back, and eventually when I do get to talk to a supervisor they are NOT HELPFUL, NOT UNDERSTANDING, and worse, we apparently have to agree to their delivery service or GE will close the case. I would never buy a GE appliance again because their CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SOOOO BAD! If I could I would start all over and go back to B&B Appliance and buy the Maytag model that they recommended. I will again and again buy ANYTHING from B&B, but NEVER EVER AGAIN will I intentionally deal with GE.

What ever happened to keeping the customer happy? You mean to tell me that GE can't waive a delivery cost of $175? Seriously? And, all I am requesting is to use a company that they are already contracted with.

$175 is a lot of money to me, especially when I have already paid a delivery fee. I would hope that GE could afford to waive such a small fee in order to maintain a level of integrity and support its claims of putting the customer first.

Monetary Loss: $823.

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