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We purchased a high end GE Profile dual oven gas range in January 2011. The first range was damaged out of the box.

Refused to accept it and sent it back on same truck. Second range shows up two weeks later with a seriously damaged handle. Accept that on with the understanding a new handle was ordered. Took 4 months and 4 calls to GE to get the right handle.

However the bigger problem is the range doesn't work. The ovens were off by 30 degrees and have since had to have the thermostats adjusted twice. The range top doesn't work properly. It took over 25 minutes to get a slow boil.

The first service tech told me it was because of the altitude. WRONG, water actually boils faster here but at a lower temp. The second tech told me that 25 minutes was normal for a gas range. WRONG, I have owned gas ranges most of my adult life and that is about 5 times longer than it should take.

Third tech says he knows what the problem is and orders an "high altitude orifice fix kit". Two weeks later he calls on the day he's supposed to come and install the fix kit to tell me that the kit doesn't exist for this model. Has no idea what to do next and tries to blame my gas line. After 3 more calls with customer relations the tech returns with a manometer to measure the gas pressure from the burners.

Problem being that the took is cracked. I point out that a cracked tool that is supposed to measure GAS is unlikely to give an accurate reading. He returns later and "adjusts" the pressure regulator. Doesn't test the unit.

Water boils in 16 minutes now, still not correct.

Customer service agent attempts to close the file....and will not return repeated messages that the problem isn't fixed. I will never purchase another GE product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Range.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #596479

Actually the tech is correct about the water. There is no gas appiancemade that is not severly affected by altitude.

For evey 1000 feet above 5000 feet you go in altitude you lose 20% of your burner performance. So yes gas does take longer at altitude than electric to boil.

to IJI Aurora, Colorado, United States #597571

When using gas to boil water at altitude, the water will "boil" (as in the appearance of bubbling water throughout the pan) at a lower temperature, but the amount of time it takes to get to the "bubbling water" stage should be similar to lower altitudes. And seeing as I am 200 feet over 5000, the percentage of burner performance loss is minimal.

At altitude it does take a longer amount of time to get to 212 degrees but that is not what we were measuring. And the GE range, using its best performance time, did take 3 times as long to "boil" water as my new range - 6 minutes!

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