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Four times and counting a repair man has come to fix my oven. It is still broken. The first tech came hours late and ordered some parts. Tech 2 said they were the wrong parts and ordered different ones. Tech 3 installed the parts before determining that the parts weren't the problem. He fixed a fuse and declared the oven fixed. It wasn't. Tech 4 didn't know what to do and has ordered the same parts as either Tech 1 or 2. Tech 5 is scheduled for two days from now.

Customer service was a nightmare. After 30 minutes on hold the supervisor told me: no, they could not send someone else out today who did know what to do, no they could not send someone at a particular time so I would not have to take a 5th day off from work, no they could not give me a discount, and no they did not care at all about the situation or make any effort to accommodate me.

They made the oven, why on earth has it already taken 4 tries and counting to fix it? I plan to avoid GE products from now on. I am hard pressed to think of another time I've been so angry.

Monetary Loss: $390.

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