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Figure it out GE! The SIXTH motor and mode selector for our washer has been reluctantly ordered by a tech this morning.

The second motor was installed months after buying the brand new machine. Now, only two months since the fifth motor and mode selector was installed (Dec 2, 2011) the wiring harness is burnt up. The tech RECOMMENDS REPLACEMENT OF THE WASHER by GE, but only gets push-back from GE.

This newest incident included a horrific smell of smoke. I DO NOT TRUST THIS MACHINE.

I have a wife and child to protect. Think about it - do the math - add your costs for repeated repairs.

You do not get to be a company the size of GE by not understanding simple economics. Open your eyes and REPLACE our washer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Washing Machine.

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The product is the same whereever or from whomever it is purchased. GE manufactures it and should stand behind it no matter its purchse point of origin.

Their customer service department should have replaced this guy's machine right off the bat. This is the problem with multimillion dollar entities...customer satisfaction is too hard to maintain at a high level.


Bet you bought this piece of fecal matter from a big box store that knows nothing about the product, except it's scu number, serves you right shop at a certified dealer that knows the products and backs them up!

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