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have a problem with Wal-marts return policies! I bought a window air unit 2 months ago it was a GE, something in the electric box was messing up it was turning it self up n down and shuting off n on, so I call GE the 1st time they said they would replace it to take it to walmart and get a new 1, wal-mart said no its been past the 45 day mark so I called GE the 2nd time they said call walmart gave me a different number wal-mart would say different they said we will send u a fedex box send it to us then we will send u a refurbished 1.

Are you kidding me I called GE the 3rd time they said they can not help wal-marts return policys that if thats what they said i have to do then thats what I have to do! So lets see I buy a new window unit for it to go out in a matter of 9 weeks, to have to send back and get a used 1! So today there are heat warnings the past week n today, so I have to go purchase a new 1 which won't be from Wal-mart or a GE model mind you just so I can send this 1 off cause it will take a couple weeks to get the other 1 back!

So if you think you are buying quality anything from Wal-mart think twice specilay if you are spending your hard earned money only to be stolen from you from Wal-mart! Its almost like a scam!

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i bought i from walmart 1 year ago i think it is 5200 btu with remote i paid 129.99 it works good no problem before that i bought a sears ken more air condtioner 5000 btu first day got home it blow up took back got money back and went to walmart and bought.there is always a bad apple in the bunch

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