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The short story...microwave installed 2006. Magnatron tube replaced in 2006 and Feb.

2008. Now it is broken again. I have already spent $370 on service calls. I would like to have it repaired for free.

Customer service will not help me at all and even though I have receipt has "no record" of previous repairs. I purchase alot of appliances (b/c all appliances in our new house were GE!) and plan to never ever make the mistake of buying another appliance from them. I told them I would be puttting complaints all over the internet and they don't care.

Apparently the company makes its profit from the all the service calls needed to fix their inferior appliances. I wish Toyota or Honda would get into the appliance business!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Repair.

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Interesting that a GE repair man told me that they make inferior appliances not to last b/c they make more money b/c of people having to replace their appliances. No wonder the landfills are getting filled up so rapidly.

Denver, Colorado, United States #596488

The bad news is your bashing GE for no reason. The good news is you bough almost the same exact microwave with your frigidare. Samsung and lg are he only companies that produce otr microwaves.

Seneca, South Carolina, United States #584264

I had an over oven GE microwave also. The plastic on the door broke in just over a year.

They said it wasn't covered, I replaced it, 2 years later it broke again. I ordered another and the day before it arrived the Magnatron tube went out. No coverage on it either. I returned the part and bought a Frigidaire to replace it.

I also have a GE refrigerator, side by side.

The defroster coil went out after less than 2 years and now the water solenoid has gone bad. I going shopping for and fridge this afternoon.

to Ray Seneca, South Carolina, United States #584266

That was supposed to be: I'm going shopping for a new fridge this afternoon!

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