The new washer using infusion (less water) technology does not work. I bought one and my clothes are not clean, do not smell clean and I can't wash large loads, like a comforter.

The water level on the highest setting is only about 6 inches which means clothes are not under the water. The rinse cycle adds water and pumps it out at the same time, so fabric softner never gets into your clothes.

I called the GE service tech and he said he can' do anything about this. I called GE Customer Relations and they said I am stuck with this worthless appliance.

Monetary Loss: $425.

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read the frickin users guide


three call outs/drum replaced and shocks 2 weeks ago. still leaking and wobbling on front loading washer purchased in feb.

2009. now tonight 12/2/09 worst wobble/off balance/leaking under the bottom/garage and kitchen flooded.

also leaked under new ge dryer. FREAKING NIGHTMARE.cynthiajordan613@yahoo.com

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