Please whatever you do, do not buy the GE unitized washer and dryer. There is a defect with the lid lock capability.

And seriously, why do you need a lid lock? The part is on back order which I was only told about less than 24 hours before my scheduled repair. GE Customer service is only open PT which is not convenient for people on the west coast and their people are non-responsive.

This is a cheap, not worth-it appliance and I will never buy a GE appliance again. I would suggest going a different route with Kenmore or other.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Repair.

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I refuse to purchase anymore GE products again. The first washer delivered by HDepot: loud knocking sound everytime we washed a load......found GE CUSTOMER Service REALLY STINKS!

Replacement machine does the same thing! Floor is solid and level.


lid locks are there because many children were

injured by there parents allowing them to play with the units while in operation, things like broken arms and fingers if the lid was opened while spinning, ever see those ambulance chasing lawyer ads on t.v.? Blame them and *** parenting for this problem.

buyer beware, all 27inch laundry canters are built bt G>E> a,d all 24 inch units are Whirlpool

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