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My GE washer is just over a year old been worked on 3 times now and guess what just quit again. This machine has given me nothing but problems since I moved in here.

First the circuit board, than the motor and they still can't tell me why I have water that occassionally is under the machine and gets floor wet. Had a kenmore washer for 14 years never had to have it serviced should have brought with me when we moved. Instead I let the builder put in a new one that has given me nothing but problems.

Not only that the repair man changes scheduled appointment so I have to miss work twice. So would not recommend GE or their service.

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We bought a GE front load washer 3 years ago. It was worked on twice in the first 2 years...

paid almost as much in repairs as we did for the machine. I can't wash my thick towels or even a microfleece twin sized blankets without the items "clunking" around in the machine during the spin cycle. I've tried washing them separately or with things. Doesn't matter.

And I also have the mildew problem. We never leave the machine shut or the soap dispenser for that matter... and both have mildew and mold. I'm constantly trying to scrape/clean it off the inside of the rubber ring around the front.

It's disgusting and I agree it has to be unhealthy. Finally, I am waiting on the GE repair man again this a.m. Why? A part of the machine has been recalled because it poses a fire hazard.

GE states 7 fires have resulted from the faulty part.

I will never ever buy another GE appliance. We will replace the washer with another brand (well researched!)in the near future!


I purhcased a GE front load washer several years ago. This machine has always had a mildew problem.

I always have to leave the door open and pray that it will dry out.

It never dries out. The mildew is nasty and I am sure is some sort of a health hazard.

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