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I purchased this pair 11/30/09, installed 12/3/09 and have had three service calls already and I don't even use them 3 times a week! On this Last call I have been told by the tech that the "motor" is gone and he had none with him, he will have to order & come back in a "week!" How awful, never mind I had clothes inside that were starting to mildew!

GE would not replace the unit & don't stand behind their products. Do Not Purchase one of these whatever you do!

Save your money/time! BEWARE

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #933381

GE Washer model # whre5550k2ww is by far the worst washer that was ever built. I am so disappointed in GE.

I will take this a learning experience and research a product before purchase. This was a total waste of money.


I also purchased the WHRE5550k washer thought I'd give GE another shot.

Its used 3 times a week it'll be 3 years old next month and it has a mind of its own.


I'm going back to Frigidaire

and to think this company builds jet engines- good God!!!!!


I bought this washer in 2009 - at 13 months had to replace the motor. GE did send me the motor for $50, but I had to pay for the service call.

One year later it wouldn't agitate or spin - repairman said a wire, $100 to fix. OK. Now, same thing - have checked online and think (hope) it's the fuse and I can fix it myself. If not, I will NOT buy another GE washer!

This model has been discontinued (wonder why??) but I wouldn't take the chance of getting another poorly built product such as this one. It is too bad, though, because when it works, I think it does an awesome job of getting clothes clean without the agitator.


We were told that the "NEW" style washers, without agitators, were the "coming thing". We bought into it.

WRONG! Doesn't wash even mild stains out of clothes like our older Whirlpool at our other house.



:( I can't believe that I bought something as cheep as this washer. this is the biggest piece of junk that I have ever seen!


I THINK THERE SHOULD BE A LAWSUIT AGAINST GE FOR THIS CRAPPY PRODUCT! i am very dissatisfied with how horrible this washer is!


I agree with the comments before mine. This is the second machine we have had in 3 1/2 years.

Both had problems. We have had this machine since October 2010 and repair man says that the motor is gone and must be replaced in order to fix. Cost to fix more than buying a new machine. Once more we are in the market and it will not be a GE.

Before buying the last two times we had a Kenmore that we had for over 15 years.

Do companies not care anymore about the reliability of their products anymore? DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE!!!


Tub doesn't fill. Soap residue on clothes.

Very loud when spinning. Only 2 years old.

Am going to replace with another brand. Worst washer I've ever owned.


For the second time in 2 years this *** washer wont spin or agitate. Last time I payed for the tech to come out it had magically started working again and that was a waste of 80$ now its doing the same thing again and I dont know what to do or what could be wrong with it. I wish I had known all this when I bought this piece of ***!


We have experienced similar issues with our machine. Our last washer went out less than 2 years after we purchased it so we bought a 4 year extended warranty.

So glad we did. We have had a repairman out twice because of issues with the aggitation. At first it was only spinning sporadically which would leave me with an occassional load of drenched clothes at the end of the cycle. I would have to run the drain/spin separate cycle to get the excess water out.

The technician was unable to recreate the problem so he couldn't fix it. A couple of weeks later it stopped spinning altogether. The second repair call got the machine working again by replacing the lid sensor which had short circuited. However, here I am just 2 weeks later and I just opened my machine to find another load of soaking wet clothes.

This will be the last GE appliance we purchase. ** The technician said he gets so many calls on this model - so poorly built.


I have had this GE washer mld.wjre5550k2ww at a cost of over $500.00 for a year and a half just another piece of *** by GE it doesn't cycle correctly, and now the spin cycle won't work, cost of repairs from 200 to 270 and from reading other comments i can look forward to more repair bills after that. I'am just going to kick it to the curb and write GE off. PS I hope they don't make airplanes.


i am so sad to read all of these comments. If only I had read them before I purchased this washer.

I bought mine back in 2009 but litterally barely use it. Like 3 loads every other week. it stopped spining last week. repair guy says motor or timer is out and its like $200+ to fix.

He also told me this is a bad piece of equipment.

Like everyone else, my last washwer lasted about 10 years. Boooo GE for make such bad equipment.

California Gully, Victoria, Australia #372708

no problems until the washer ingested a nylon strap into the pump, now a year later it will not wash more than a half a load of clothes, will not fill deep enough to get the sour sweat out of my work clothes let alone any real dirt, now if more than it wants squeels, clunks and thunks then start over because it hasn't gotten rid of the suds,even with a very small amount being used.If you set it for large now it has to take aleak on the floor. Last GE anything, ref, washer, dryer, loan, no more


i totally agree with everyone...i purchased this machine June 2010 and starting having problems May 2011. Had techs here May/June/July having been dealing with this frustrated for 6 months now.

I had lint on my clothes just like E f fred stitz wrote on 3-6-11. Through lots of frustrating phone calls and emails recently, GE finally offered me a different model # at no cost, I just have to pay for delivery/installation. I guess I'm googling that item # first b4 I agree to take the new machine. I fought to get what I wanted and firmly believe that is what I'm entitled too(new machine @no cost) along with everyone else.

I told them GE is a multi-million company and I can't afford to pay over $400.00 every yr. My other machine was a whirlpool and last me over 17 yrs. I did purchase an extended warranty and no one still help me. They stating nothing was wrong with my machine but yet my dark clothes looked worse after I wash them then before.

I still can't believe nothing can be done to fix lint left on clothes. I like the lawsuit idea :) I thought GE was a good company..I research before I buy GE again.


I agree with all of those complaints: the wash does not come out clean unless I wash twice and use double rinses (where is the energy saving?0 - it is very slow and there is no way of knowing which cycle the machine is on. We purchased this washer August 2010 and already it is not working: the tub fills, but after that there is no action.

Called for service yesterday and spoke with someone in Manila who gave us the "good" advice to unplug the washer and then plug it in again and the "computer" might reset itself. We did and ended up bailing the water out manually, because the repair man will not be here for another 6 days. After reading the previous complaints, we are guessing that either the motor or control panel is shot. Fortunately, we bought extended warranty after we had a similar problem in 2006/2007 with our $3,000 side-by-side refrigerator which broke down 6 months after installatiuon.

We had to suffer through 7 service calls and a lot of aggravation before GE finally agreed to replace it.

And even on the new one we already had two service calls. As far as we are concerned, GE appliances are not worth their money and we will never buy another one.


Purchased this washer for our vacation home May 2010. Rarely used and the computer board is fried, estimate cost $330.00! They say it is not covered under warranty as it is over a year old......yes I am a pissed customer!


I purchased this machine some time late last year. It is literally a piece of junk.

The clothes never get submerged in the water so how in the world can they get clean. Contacted GE several times via email and they just come up with lame excuses. I am sure this machine was discontinued because it just does not do the job. Feel like this is money wasted.

I say that all owners of this machine that were not satisfied with it should start a law suit against GE. This machine is a pathetic excuse for a washing machine and again I hate this piece of junk.


I have had this washer for about 9 month and hate it. Someone earlier commented on never knowing where it is in the cycles, which is annoying, but if you actually get your clothes dirty, they do not come clean.

It says it takes a "Colossal Size" load, but the water level is so low that it barely wets a small load. I then have to stand there and hold the switch to get it to fill more.

Then the agitation is insufficient to loosen the dirt and I have to rewash some of the clothes as the hems of the jeans are still covered with mud. I have heard they no longer sell this machine, and I hope that is the case.


Replaced my control panel today after 2 years owning this machine. I hate it.

It was shorting out and wouldn't spin or agitate.

I cant seem to find anywhere how long each cycle should be and never know what it is doing. Wish I had my old non-electronic cycling machine.


I purchased this model on 03-06-2010 did not have it delivered until 03-11-2010. It worked ok for until 03-25-2010 and the water would not fill in the tub, service came out and fixed it on 04-05-2011 I washed about 5 loads of clothes and then I went to use the machine on 04-09-2011 and the problem was back again so I had to call GE to have the come back and fix the same problem again.

When I called the first time they were so nice as to offer me a $100.00 off another purchase of a new washing machine. I told them that if I have to buy a new machine it would not be a GE product I will see if this will fix it for more than a couple of days this time.

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