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Had new top loader GE washer delivered 12-4-11, and problems with very first wash. It does not spin out after washing, only drains the water, leaving soap on clothes, then fills for rinse but not enough water comes in to cover clothes, agitates for 15 seconds, then finally spins so violently it stretches the clothing.

I called and was told to use HE liquid detergent, that the machine was not made to spin on the wash cycle or fill to load capacity on the rinse cycle. What the heck is that about? Got new detergent, still soapy clothes, used half of what was recommended for load size, still soapy. I have to wash clothes twice, the second time using no soap as this is now my rinse cycle, if I'm lucky.

This is garbage and GE knows it. Best Buy will not let me return it so I am stuck with a so called energy efficient machine that ends up using more water and electricity, and double the time it should take. I'd love to sell it, but I could not do that to someone. It also leaves a soapy/dirty film on the tub.

It is ruining our clothes. DO NOT BUY GE PRODUCTS...I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING MADE BY GE AGAIN. If any one knows of a good top loading conventional washer, that actually spins and adds water after washing, please post.

What is this country coming to with all the Space Ball Academy graduates that can't design a washing machine that does what it is supposed to do!!! (model #gtwp1000mww)

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Washing Machine.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #691804

Sorry to say but some GE/Moffat washers do not spin after the wash.

Its called the power rinse on/off button.

You model lacks it because it's a base model so the no spin before rinse is normal, as is the minimum water level on rinse.

Bye the way this is not a HE machine.

You should have done more product research and not complain about a product that's working as it was designed too.

No I don't work for GE, my Moffat is 3 months old and had its mode shifter replaced,motor and flywheel.

It still cracks and clicks etc, but it works as designed with the power rinse,clunks button.


Dumb design! This and all H>E> top load washers are based on a front load unit turned

on its end, so they use very little water.

Not only does the unit suck, but so does our federal government for making them comply to

un achievable standards. By the way the manufactures get money from your taxes to make these dirt re-arange machines


If you have any old appliances that are in decent shape or repairable -- keep them! My washer (top load) doesn't clean the clothes; freezer section of fridge has frost forming in it and design of ice maker is faulty.

We have to manually turn it off once every 24 hours or it fills to overflow. Dishwasher doesn't get dishes clean .... these are all NEW appliances.

My parents had a GE refrigerator that last 24 years. Now they throw junk together with the intent to have it wear out or break in a short time.

I have had the same problem with my GE Hydrowave washer. It can't even clean a pair of socks no matter what detergent is used.

It is a bad design and I am saddened that GE will not make good on the defective product. What is worse is that the government is imposing green standards that are missing the mark. I have to wash wach load twice and I have taped the water level dial to fill to the maximum in order to have the cloths be wet and the soap dissolve.

So much for the *** green standards. :(

try and find a frigidaire top load or a whirlpool d2000 based unit, both are old design and recently were forced by government green standards to quit production, the frigidaire by the way was built in Webster city Iowa, this green rule forced the factory to close and fire all employees, Samsung?

through it and your money right in the garbage, I fix these for a living no parts no customer service they stink!

8) Unbelievable had every problem u can name with mine. I'm going back to kenmore had that washer 15 years and replaced with ge.kenmore lasts
sam sausage

Geeeeez! what poor choices the G.E was bad enough but from Best buy.hint don't replace it with a a samsung.

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