My husband and I purchase a GE wall stove two years ago. The vents are in the top of the door(poor design) and when the heat comes out it caused the plastic control panel above it to bubble and the dials to start to melt.

The company came out once last year and replaced the control panel and now it has melted again. They did not fix the problem ( I have read some people have replaced this panel up to four times in three years so far)and so this could be a yearly expense of over $250 dollars for something that is a design defect.

They ignore our complaints. I am disappointed in GE and will not purchase anymore of their products.

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oops "decided to write" not wrote (typo)


I think I wrote this complaint. I decided to wrote corporated GE, the CEO of GE and the design center for GE.

They redesigned the control panel and improved the venting. They replaced the item free of charge and I am a happy camper. Thanks GE for renewing my faith in your company. Thanks for making my stove look great again.

I am so impressed that you stood behind your product and listened to the consumer. THANKS THANKS THANKS

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