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Update by user Jul 04, 2011

Update: GE contacted us by telephone and sent a new touchpad as well as arranging a free install with a local repairman. It is our understanding that the basic design was faulty.

The material used was not able to stand up to high temperatures (i.e. running the self-clean cycle).

So, over time, warping. The new touchpad is a vast improvement.

Original review posted by user Sep 11, 2010

Had a GE wall oven a short time when the touchpad began to crack around the most often used buttons and develop air bubbles. We replaced it with the correct model.

The second is worse and took less time to start to degrade. It has a four inch air bubble beneath the surface and most of the selections have cracks around them, even those we never use. Have emailed GE twice via the website. The first received a automated response only.

The second attempt did not even receive an automated response.

We won't be buying any more GE appliances. Their customer service is unresponsive and products are worthless.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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5 year old GE wall oven with less than 100 hours of use failed touchpad. Almost $400 to fix.

It's sad when $600-$700 items become disposable. I will never buy a GE again.


Yep, ours too. We have had it replaced once because one of the buttons didn't work.

The replacement cover started cracking and just keeps getting worse. Won't buy GE anymore, for sure!


I'm having the same problem, but not sure if I should go to the dealer where I purchased this product, or directly to GE.


I have the same problem and called GE today. They are sending a FREE touchpad and a FREE repairman next week.

I did not have extended warranty, and my over is 17 months old. There was a recall on my model.

Duenweg, Missouri, United States #223670

I have the same problem and my GE extended warranty would not fix it. After contacting GE they have only offered to pay part of the repair.

This is also happening to other neighbors with houses build at the same time.

My oven is less than three yrs old - Model: JTP55SMSS, Serial No:TM625469Q. Any suggestions?


I am having same problem they tried to tell us not on our model number but that cant be true it would be all of the touch pads

Yalaha, Florida, United States #199549

Had same exact problem with mine. Had Best Buy extended warranty, but for some reason they could not get the part from GE.

Called GE parts and found out that the resin used in manufacturing this touchpad was not proper. GE parts sent me to GE relations and after I verified my serial number, they set up an apptment to have it replaced. (Free of Charge) even though out of GE warranty. The part was backordered but it still only took about a week.

The new touchpad is a better looking style as well.

So, don't use any extended warranty you may have, call GE direct. Good luck.

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