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A Sears Appliance Repair man came to repair my oven and I found out it cost just as much to repair the oven as I paid for it. I have a general electric wall oven jgrs14bew5bb the control panel caught on fire and melted.

It could have caused a fire in the entire house. This is very very dangerous. I only had the wall oven for 8 years. Years ago ovens lasted about 20 years or longer.

This new technology is not so good especially since there are so many hidden risks and dangers that the consumers have to take.

General Electric should have a sticker on their appliances warning consumers that there is a risk of the appliance catching on fire. This poses dangers to consumers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Oven.

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Okay I will email to I don't think this issue can be resolved.

Although general electric did mail me a $100 rebate, I am afraid to purchase another general electric brand oven. I always thought and was told by others that general electric appliances was the best.

Unfortunately all of my appliances are general electric, I purchased the kitchen appliances and washer and dryer all at the same time. On one post that I read someone had the same problem and their post said the ignitor on their oven clicked on by itself.


Hi This is Vikki with GE. I am sorry to hear about the issue you experienced with your GE wall oven. Please email the details to us at and we'll gladly check into it for you.

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