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It is very frustrating when you have high end GE Energy STAR King Washer and it takes 1 hour to try to spin one throw blanket. It gets down to 11 min and starts to spin to 8 min, but decides it doesn't have the balls to high-speed spin so it just keeps restarting back to 11 min.

It does the same for 5 medium towels. We even had the GE Tech out and his answer is; well that is just the way it is. When the owner has to take out the item and wring out the water and it still never hits the high-speed spin is just unbelievable.

The owner operator should have the option to press a button for it to rebalance the load and a button to initiate high-speed spin. Just something to think about when looking to purchase and you only do a few towels or a small blanket.

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