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I had the choice of calling my home warranty company, or GE to repair my refrigerator/freezer. The unit is a six foot wide side by side costing $10,000.

The unit is no longer under warranty. I called GE, and waited a day for them to come out. I pointed out the first problem (water on the refrigerator side floor) which was fixed in 5 minutes by blowing a hose in the drain hole and then running hot water, and the second problem the freezer was not as cold as it should be and frozen items felt somewhat soft. The GE technician said that I had left the freezer door open, and there was no problem.

Cost of repair $99 service call + $85 for five minute drain fix. The next day I noticed the freezer was still not working, and called GE. They told me I would have to wait an additional day to get on their schedule, but they would note to call me if someone cancelled (No call came). I was asked if I wanted 8am-5pm service, or 1pm-5pm.

I said the earlier the better under the circumstances, and choose the whole day waiting.

At 3:00 I called GE, and they said that they were running late and would be out around 5:30pm. I now have over $500 in spoiled frozen foods, and hope they show up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Warranty.

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GE's final solution was for me to purchase a new refrigerator/freezer combo from them discounted from $10,000 to $7,000. I am currently suing them.

dryer 2 yrs old timer is junk.went to parts store and they wanted 194 for a timer.WOW the dryer was 300 total.NEVER AGAIN :(

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