Ge front loading washing machine went off balance and clunked all over laundry roon at least 4 to 5 times every load of laundry, no matter how small or large it was loaded. The same GE technician serviced the washing maching 4 times in that 4 month period.

He stated that that is the nature of a front loader, and I would have to live with that fact. GE customer service department was arrogant and abrasive. For 40 years I have purchased and been satisfied with GE products, but I would never purchase a GE product again. Lowe's was great and stood behind me by picking up that machine and letting me exchange it for any other washing machine.

They were always polite and helpful.

Didn't GE receive our tax dollars in stimulus money? Shame on GE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Washing Machine.

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I had the same problem Mastersons's whom I purchased it from replaced all kinds of parts but it keep doing it so turned it over to GE. GE techs keep saying nothing was wrong until I threw a fit they finally replaced it.

The second one is not much better. Will never buy another GE appliance.


These GE washer are the Leapfrogs of front-loaders. Total, utter waste of money.

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