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I appear to be one of many who are unimpressed with the broken plastic control knobs that came with our GE range, a product purchased for $1500 by the previous owners of our house. I called GE/Mabe customer service, and sent in photos of the defective parts (3 of 5 knobs now being held together by Gorilla Glue) on April 28.

After more than 2 weeks with no response, I escalated. Finally, three weeks after my initial complaint, I was contacted by a GE/Mabe customer service manager (Diane Davis) who was very good about reading from her script about the plastic being "common on many different models and styles of stoves that [GE has]", but wouldn't give me a straight answer about GE's choice of price point cutoff in which it would put more solid (e.g., metal) control knobs. By comparison, I had purchased a Samsung range (http://www.samsung.com/ca/support/model/FTQ386LWX/XAC) for my previous residence for about half the price of the GE unit -- the Samsung product came with solid metal knobs that will easily last for the useful life of the stove. I see that many other customers have experienced similar problems with GE's cheap plastic control knobs (do a bit of searching on-line and you'll find many posts).

Clearly, GE has long been aware of the problem, but doesn't seem to care. This is shameful at best, and possibly, a post-sale revenue strategy to sell ridiculously overpriced replacement parts. If I were the original purchaser of the stove, I'd initiate legal action under Canada's Consumer Protection Act.

Perhaps other consumers will see fit to take such action either in Canada or south of the border? If so, let me know (tweet to @jcooperstock) -- I'd be happy to help out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Range.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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After some tweets and posts on GE Appliance's Facebook page, the GE social media people directed me back to Mabe Canada (with head office in Mexico, but who are responsible for GE-branded appliances in Canada). I then received a call from the same GE/Mabe customer service manager, Diane Davis, who left a similarly offensive message that "Our position remains the same...

it's not something that's covered currently".

After more tweets and posts on GE Appliance's Facebook page, Ms. Davis called again, this time, "We're looking to see if we can.... I'll revisit the file.

I can't change the type of knobs but I will forward you a set of knobs. It will be a one-time goodwill gesture."

When I returned Ms. Davis' call to ask her why the volte-face, she admitted that her decision hadn't changed, but "the company decided just to forward the knobs". In other words, Ms.

Davis and Mabe Canada have the same "smarts" in the customer goodwill department as United Airlines, and were willing to court negative publicity against the GE brand for the cost of at best, a few dollars of cheap plastic, until she was evidently overruled by GE.

The lesson here, which Ms. Davis did her laughable best to attempt deny, was that customers having similar issues may wish to adopt a similar strategy: embarrass the company with a continued stream of negative posts on its social media forums until receiving a more satisfactory response.

In my case, I'm not satisfied. The plastic knobs are junk, and should be seen by any self-respecting company as an embarrassment for a $1200 product.

If Ms. Davis wanted to redeem the name of her company, she would ensure that I was sent metal knobs as proper replacements.

Sun City, Arizona, United States #1336530

I, for one would not purchase any GE appliances, large or small...Their just a piece of junk poorly made and not made to last long...My son moved into their new home and all of their appliances were GE and within a 2yr period they all were replaced ..Of all the companies going out of business, GE should #1 on the list to go...

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