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A little history. We built a new home about 2 years ago, and installing stainless steel GE appliances was a given as we have had GE in the past and have loved them. We knew the exceptional quality and service of GE appliances and was confident in our choice. We were wrong.

Within 4 months after installation, the number 9 on the black control panel of our built in oven bubbled up. A technician came out and looked at it, ordered the black control panel, and returned to install it. Repeat that same experience 4 times, (8 visits)always the 9 bubbling up. With only a year warranty, and it continuing to happen, GE did extend our warranty six more months, which ran out 12/5/2010, and it has happened again, of course, but with it not being repaired now, the number 4 above it it now bubbling up.

When calling the service department and at times being very frustrated because I wanted a "permanent fix" to this problem , a couple options were suggested by the assistant on the phone. There was a recall on the almond and white build-in ovens, I could have a white or almond control panel installed on my stainless steel appliance. Live with it, it doesn't affect the operation of the unit. When the warranty runs out, I will just pay for the replacement panel my self, or the best one, " You can always buy a new oven."

Yes, I realize it doesn't affect the operation of the appliance, however the look is not attractive, and the few times I use the 9, it feels as if it will crack if I push it. A couple of the service technicians thought it may have to do with the latch inside the oven since the 9 is directly above that and I think one even replace a part, however, it is bubbled again. The 9 is not a commonly used number in baking, and we have never used the self cleaning option.

After much frustration, and the same problem being fixed four times in 18 month, I took the extreme action of writing to Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE. I received no response (no surprise) from him or any of his people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Oven.

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Dublin, Ohio, United States #580565

Nothing but problems with the control panel - GE refused to stand behind their product - I would never deal with this company again.


I have a white GE build in oven about 3 years old. One day I looked at the control panel and the whole thing is bubbled.

I agree it works fine, but it is ugly and don't like the crackle when using it. You had mentioned a recall on white and almond ovens, but I can't find any reference to it.

Any ideas? Thanks.


Having the exact same problem with our GE stainless steel oven! Ugh!! Any updates on resolution?

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