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I have a dishwasher affected by a recent GE recall. The recall states "GE has determined that water condensation can drip onto the electronic control board, causing a short circuit and resulting in an overheated connector." I had the exact problem with this dishwasher two months ago and paid $292 to have a local repair shop repair the problem.

I have contacted GE, and they refuse to consider reimbursing me for these repairs.

They will send someone out (for free) to do the recall repairs. My feeling is if I repaired a known recall issue, they should reimburse my costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Dishwasher.

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our new ge black profile refridgerator had defects in the paint on both doors when delivered aug 28th, this year. serviceman came out and ordered new doors, well, the third set ordered finally were perfect and were installed on our new fridge...

problem, they said the defective doors would be picked up, and over two weeks later, I finally loaded them on my truck and hauled them off to the dump, paying a $25. fee, after repeated calls to the GE Consumer Home Svc, leaving a half dozen messages.......


I got the check from GE today; the GE repair guy also came over and did the "recall" repair on the dishwasher, involved adding a fuse to the main power input and putting a shield in place. He told me that had I called GE for the repair in the first place, I would have seen a full refund. I would advise anyone in a similar situation to email Di from GE at the email in this thread for help.


Dan, thanks for the comment. GE has agreed to pay the cost of the replaced part ($160). I will post a final followup when the check arrives.



Hi, This is Di with GE. Please email me at with your information (model/serial, etc) and I will look into this with you.

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