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We selected the builder's appliances for a new home end of 2009 and the refrigerator is a GE Model GSH25JFXLBB Serial # MS 203351.

Within a year of moving into the house the GE microwave stopped working. With much effort through the Builder as it was one month after warranty - GE fixed it.

A few months later the refrigerator stopped the water spout and no water was coming out of the outside dispenser. We thought it was a filter issue and replaced the filter. When nothing happened we reported to the Builder. They came over and said that the other people who had the same issues learned on the internet that they have to heat the inside of the freezer side of the double door with a hair dryer. We did that and the water started flowing but not for long. Every other day I have to keep a hair dryer by the refrigerator and warm it up. Pain to say the least and not a compliment for GE because I will never buy GE appliances ever again. We are hoping someone will see this complaint and contact us. We have in the mean time warned all our friends to stay away from GE home appliances. We had problems with the microwave and fridge within two years in a new home. They are supposed to last longer. I guess not GE appliances. Since we were out of warranty when the problem started to happen, we had no hope of a replacement. The design is really bad and we believe the water tube is not properly insulated and comes through the freezer area and freezes up blocking the water flow. Overall the refrigerator has a very bad design even for the ice maker. GE should replace these if they wish to keep their reputation.

If GE is interested in customer care, call me. Anjalika Silva 301-793-6826 Email: because you have lost us as customers with such bad designs on your appliances.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #761665

FAVORABLE RESPONSE FROM GE -- I am following up on the above complaint and appreciate that someone from GE contacted me asking for details of the issue. Then I explained and also took pictures of the damage that took place having to heat the inside of the water line by opening the door of a cold freezer to apply heat.

We had a response with the offer to fix it free of charge. A technician came to our home and checked it out and found that the entire door on the side of the dispensing unit was bad. They ordered the part and it was delivered. One week later, I scheduled a technician and it was fixed. A two hour job, and in the confirmation given to us, the cost of the door was $609 plus other costs for the connected parts. This is without labor.

This proved to me that substandard products that cost a lot have to be reported to the manufacturer. They need to stand by their bad designs and keep the customer happy. GE did that and I appreciate it. If we didn't ask, our solution would have been to purchase a new refrigerator and it certainly would not have been from GE.

Fairfield, Connecticut, United States #752728

Anne, we're so sorry for your experience. Please email the details & reference this site to us at

We'll be happy to review your situation and get back in touch with you. Thanks, Donna with GE

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