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So I got the recall for my GE dishwasher and called to set up service. I was told I could not use the GE serviceman we have used in the past but had to use a certified recall service person. Which they sent out. He arrived an hour after the time scheduled. Then he told me he hadn't paid attention during training for the repair. Then he spent the entire time basically telling me that people in my profession are a rip-off. Great, huh?

So he left, and we notice that the dishwasher no longer shuts off when you open the door. Three days later we have the family over for thanksgiving and I run the dishwasher after dinner. My mother-in-law was the fist to notice the river of dirty water running across the floor. Not only does the dishwasher not turn off when the door is open, but now the door won't stay shut.

So I called GE yet again and they set up with another company to fix it. So I take this morning off from work to be there. The repairman called to see if I had gotten the recall part. I explained that he was coming out to fix the damage from the recall part being put in. WHOA! He can't do that! I explained that GE had authorized it. He said he had to call GE and would call right back. An hour and a half later, no callback. So I called them. No can do. I have to call GE.

So I call GE. First person says ok and puts me on hold (they're good at that) to schedule repair. Then switches me to another person, who switches me to another person, who switches me to another person who tells me that only the person who damaged the machine can repair it. And then she flat out tells me that no way would they have scheduled things the way they did. Ummmm, hello, I didn't schedule it, YOU did.

So now I get to take another day off from work (and pay a replacement) to have the guy who broke my dishwasher come out again.


Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Dishwasher.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Roma, Texas, United States #222853

An addendum to my previous comment. Vikki did come thru with a option that was fair under the circumstances.

They were willing to pay for 50% of the cost of the replacement touchpad and also a $50 gift check towards GE parts or appliances.

Give her a try, she may be able to ease the pain a bit. Thanks Vikki.

Roma, Texas, United States #220330

Brokendishwasher, don't expect any help from Vikki. She has been trained to blow you off and hope you just go away.

They have treated me that way on the last two breakdowns on my GE Profile appliaces. I only got 2 yrs of sevice out of my Profile DW before the touchpad and main cpu board went belly up.

Then my microwave touchpad went bad and Nikki (from GE support hmmm sound familar?) gave me 2 options, 25% off their horribly inflated prices on parts or a $50 certificate towards another $2500 microwave. Ain't that sweet?


Hi, this is Vikki with GE. I apologize for the experience you have had with your GE dishwasher and the service we offered. Please email the details including your model and serial number to us at and allow us the opportunity to resolve this situation for you.

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