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GE got in lots of hot water years ago for not offering to repair recalled products. Now they DO offer 'repair' - or so they claim.

I looked at their recall info website and saw the following regarding the Profile defect: "Over several years, normal use of liquid rinse aid in some models results in a concentration of rinse aid on the wires inside the dishwasher door." So I called them. I told the woman I had used Jet-Dry only a few times, back when the dishwasher was new, so I was hoping they could just send me the little rinse-aid cap they have that apparently seals off the dispenser to keep anyone from using it in the future. "Oh no, we CAN'T send you a cap" she replied..... "because you HAVE used rinse aid before!". What happened to "OVER SEVERAL YEARS OF NORMAL USE"??

I then asked about their proposed 'fix'. Funny how the leaky dispenser does not get replaced or fixed! They simply rewire instead, AND replace the insulation with paper-thin stuff. I asked if the free 'fix' would leave me with a quiet dishwasher, and was told, straight out, NO.

Is my dishwasher safe? Who knows. What I do know is that I am not eager for GE to destroy my 'Quiet Power III' feature with their sorry excuse for a 'fix'!

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Bison, Oklahoma, United States #19250

In the 8 years I've lived in my home I have had 2 GE dishwashers recalled!! I agree with that *** "repair" option that we got as well on the GE profile.

The racks are all rusty and they never took out the jet dry like they said they would!!

Can't wait to get rid of it. I will NEVER buy a GE product again!!

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