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Got $200 rebate in the form of a visa debit card a few years ago during a whole house remodel. We had a general contractor, so all appliance documentation, parts, etc.

are collected by him and the workers. Eventually we got a file of paperwork, including rebate information for the multiple GE profile appliances that we purchased. I just located the rebate card and discovered it had an expiration date, so I am out the money. Period This is supposed to be illegal in CA.

Customer service was absolutely no help; and I talked to multiple polite, competent people. So, this is 100% bad GE policy and not the fault of the support staff. They actually said they delete the records after two years.

Seriously? Will post this around the net & e-mail friends to warn them about this scam.

Monetary Loss: $200.

  • GE customer service rebate scam
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Same experience with GE but card expired less than 30 days ago with an unused balance of $400.

I also thought Ca. law protected against early expiration of prepaid debit cards.

GE sucks.

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