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In 6 years we had the oven fixed 4 times. The last time the repair man said that we should not use the self cleaning feature since on this model it is defected and burns out the started.

My whole family will never buy another GE product since they do not even rely to my phone calls nor emails - they just do not care about customer problems. I cannot believe that such an expensive model - Profile - cn be made with such poor quality.

Other brands costing half the price last 10 times as long. GE does not belong in the consumer product business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Have lots of rentals and purchased two different model GE refrigerators. Both quit working within 18 months.

Both had rewind leaks. Absolute junk.


Threw out the GE stove and now got a LG which we already see the good quality that was so obviously missing from the GE since day one.


Enjoy that oven while it lasts. My microwave, just two years old, blew out its magnetron.

I can (and will) get a better one for about what the repair would cost. LG: ten year warranty on magnetron.

GE: one year. Kinda tells you all you need to know, doesn't it?


Also our 6 year old GE microwave has stopped working - again showing the poor quality in the brand today.


Sorry to hear your problems. We just remodeled about two years ago, and have all GE appliances.

Absolutely LOVE them. The Advantium microwave is so cool.

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